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Non-Government | Non-Profitable Organisation

Aims & Objective

Education | Empowerment | Entrepreneurship

About Founder

Entrepreneur | Social Activist | Author


Vision of the organization is to build a society based on promoting socio-economic justice social sensitivity and empowerment of deprived groups. To enable them to become self reliance and work collectively for social change.


Mission of Well Being Foundation is the commitment about the holistic development of people living in dehumanized in deprived condition in society without any discrimination on the bases of cast creed and religion.

Target Group

Target group of the well being foundation is mainly the finically weaker section of the society and the organization is also targeted to work with marginalize, destitute and deprived section of the society. It involves mainly children, youth, adolescence girls, Women, Family as well as the community.

Current Projects

Support Ophan

Women Empowerment

Medical Relief

Relief & Rehabilitation


Feed a family

Legal Aid

Girls Leadership

Mental Health

Entrepreneurship Development

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