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Educational Programmes

“School Chale Hum”

Little Wonder– Little Wonder is a pre- School where children age group of 3-5 years are provided pre-education and Nutrition.

Remedial Education Class– REC provide extra classes to those who are actually school going but they need some more classes to maintain their education level

Non- Formal Education– NFE provides to those who are illiterate or who were deprived to get education.

Girls Education Mission– GEM is particularly for girls education.

The target group of the ‪Well Being Foundation‬ are mainly the children who need the care and under privileged protection. It involves the category of children who are:

  • Helpless
  • Roofless
  • Rootless
  • street children
  • slum children
  • Child Labour
  • Beach Boys
  • Drug addicts
  • Reglected Children
  • Destitute Children
  • Working Children
  • Refugees
  • Other Marginalize.

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