Farha Naaz
(Founder, AUCKIZA group of companies)

Women are the pillars of society, it is because of these ladies that our society is growing tremendously. Women offer to the world their next generation whereas, there are other women who nurture other ladies urging to create a distinct place in this society. Farha Naaz is a such name who has a prime motto of taking women empowerment to the next level.

A 23-year-old girl who can now be termed as a lady; is the biggest example of women empowerment. Struggling since her childhood and facing extreme challenges from family and society made her now a ‘self-made’ woman. Started her teaching profession by working in a small academy at this tender age, Farha has now opened a 200+ franchise of her Institute across India. She became an Entrepreneur. The society may see the span of 9 years spent but she known at herself the challenges which she had to bear in her every breath.

Farha is now running “Auckiza Group of companies”. “Auckiza Group” deals in Education, CSR activities, Lifestyle, Media, Events, Hospitality & Tourism, Online, Health, Textile businesses.

Being a too emotional person, Farha knows very well the challenges each girl has to face when she decides to step ahead and make her own identity. There are some women who cannot come in front of the society either because of deteriorated financial scenarios or due to family circumstances and here is when Farha offers the helping hand.

Apart from this business background, she is in social services as well.

‘Well Being Foundation’ and ‘Auckiza Foundation’ is an NGO established by Farha Naaz for social development. The NGO has 10000 volunteers with 2500 active members. The prime aim of this NGO is to give women a unique identity. Not only making women learned with various vocational and professional learning, money making by using their own creativity is also implemented. The NGO also takes care of the child development as Farha knows it well that, the generation today is the future tomorrow as she herself has to bear extreme ends since childhood.

Various competitions and contests are held in the NGO to give women and children a self-confidence which is utmost required to beat the conservative society. Farha Naaz is an example of women empowerment who has proved that a woman who has faith in herself can conquer everything and society can never bound a woman if her soul is true. She is a simple lady who loves traveling, writing, and reading but has tides in her mind waiting for the shore to settle.

‘Auckiza Foundation’ trained women and make them self reliant

The ‘Well Being Foundation’ NGO has tie-up with many companies that support the same. It has also 7 teams who are efficient enough to manage the work. Therefore, many hurdles came on Farha’s part be it from the society’s side of the family’s side but she being a true soul managed everything and created a platform for other children and women like her!