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“Each day, the dawn brings new hopes and aspirations to her life, But the passion to fulfill hidden desires seems impossible to this naive, This blessed soul seeks a drop of inspiration,Which won’t shatter her soul and leave her in demolition”!!She heard that “Life moves on and time heal all wounds” but is the healing enough to remove the scars? and she was always disappointed with the answers. It was later that she realised that to remove the scars, she has to stand up for herself. No one else would give a helping hand to erase the mark. Or you can say, no one had the guts enough to be a support of a modern independent women.
Women inculcate wisdom. They are born with a spoon of knowledge which they spread throughout their life. But are their learnings valued? Needless to say, women give this society, their hope of future. And let me tell you, only women possess the power to nurture a child and make them eligible to serve the people, the nation around. But what’s the point of all such intellect, kindness, sacrifice and love when its respect lies in stake.
We are in the era of 21st century where talking about women empowerment is a ‘fashion’ on the contrary, no one is taking any step for its enhancement. It is just a word of mouth which has no stable base.
In this diplomatic society where at one side women starve for education but they aren’t given, and on the other side society demands a well educated women, the position of this gender becomes vulnerable. And, I Farha Naaz couldn’t stand it.
I am simple girl in my mid twenties and have the same passion which every girl of my age possesses and that is, to do something different, something new which can be helpful to the society and make my parents proud.
I belong to a family background where girls education was challenging. My upbringing was in a conservative environment where women were not allowed rather were not even seen moving out of the house to create their own identity. During childhood I underwent extreme challenges. I even dropped my studies in class 10th but, the financial crisis and family circumstances compelled me to step out of the house at the small age of 16 years.
But, do you think all this was easy, NO! Each day of my life was like a huge stone which I had to cross barefoot. But one thing I kept in my mind-
‘The society shouldn’t bound me!
You know what’s wrong with the people? They want women to be independent but when someone stands up and take charge they hold them backwards. Why? Because they want them to be independent at their own terms.
But, I stopped caring. Not about the people or society around me but of their mentality. I knew, that my work, my ambition and my success could only stop their gossips.
I started through teaching profession by working in a small academy at a tender age. Year after year my ambitions soar high and the girl who ones used to do a job in an academy, opened her 7 franchises. As time passed by my academy were opened across India and to count, now I have 117 franchise across the nation.
I am a person who listens to my heart and know very well the challenges each girl has to face when she decides to step ahead and make her own identity. There are some women who cannot come in front of the society either because of deteriorated financial scenario or due to family circumstances and here is where I thought that I may bring a change and this is what I must do. I became available for women to offer a helping hand to them. I opened an NGO!
Well Being‘ is an NGO established for the cause of social development. The NGO has 1000 volunteers with 250 active members. The prime aim of this NGO is to given women a unique identity. Not only making women learned with various vocational and professional courses, money making by using their own creativity is also implemented. The NGO also takes care of the child development as I know it well that, the generation today is the future of tomorrow.
Various competitions and contests are held in the NGO to give women and children a self confidence which is utmost required to beat the conservative society.
The ‘Well Being‘ NGO has tie up with many companies which support the same. It has also 7 teams who are efficient enough to manage the work. I have now even stepped into retail.
When I describe these achievements, it’s like I am going through that journey again and feeling each word I am uttering.
Many difficulties came on my path, and let me tell you, those were strong enough to shatter my strength. But, I didn’t give up. Every obstacle in my path was removed by me with utmost confidence and courage.
A woman requires only two things in life- courage and trust on herself. If the women out their empower themselves with these two qualities, no one could ever stop them to achieve their dreams. And also, one must never stop following their passion. I am a bike rider, and traveller which make me relieved and help me to buck up and follow my dreams.
“The journey which is difficult has beautiful destination”
So, believe in yourself, follow your dreams, your passion and no one could ever stop you. Helping yourself is the actual women empowerment which would never be achieved by anyone if you don’t step ahead!!
-Farha Naaz

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